Oct 12 - Bangladesh on Monday Confirmed That it Found Nearly 1.0 Trillion Cubic Feet (tcf) of Additional Natural Gas at the Country's Biggest Field

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Date October 15, 2012

"We have found the additional gas after completing the seismic survey at the biggest Titas gas field, more than 100 kilometers (63 miles) north east from Dhaka, with expert assistance from Russia and France," Mohammad Hossain Monsur, Chairman of Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation announced.

State-run Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Ltd (BAPEX), a subsidiary of the corporation, which is also known as Petrobangla, conducted the 3-D seismic survey with financial assistance from Asian Development Bank.


Now we have nearly 8.05 tcf gas in the Titas onshore field instead of 7.2 tcf estimated earlier," Monsur said.

BAPEX discovered the country's deepest gas reserve at Titas around 7,000 meters under ground, earlier it found gas at the same field at depth of 6,000 and 6,500 meters.

Titas at present produces around 450 million cubic feet (mmcfd) gas per day from 15 wells, which is 20 percent of the country's overall gas output of around 2,270 mmcfd.

Titas gas field was discovered in 1962, and commercial production commenced in 1968. Gas seepage in the field is, however, a major concern that has been continuing unabated during the past several years.

ADB is financing a $23 million project to complete 3D surveys of the country's five prospective gas-fields including Titas by the first half of 2013.

French geophysical firm - CGG Veritas and Russian oil and gas firm  Gazprom - are helping  BAPEX to conduct 3D seismic surveys.

Petrobangla estimates Bangladesh's current proven and recoverable gas reserves at up to 15 trillion cubic feet.

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