Record-High Gas Production at Gjøa

Source Press Release
Company ENGIE 
Tags Production/Development, Exploration, Upstream Activities
Date June 06, 2016

ENGIE E&P Norge has increased the gas production on Gjøa by 17.5 per cent. By continually challenging limitations and spotting potential,  ENGIE E&P have increased the current gas production from Gjøa in the North Sea by 17.5 per cent. Moreover, Gjøa is scheduled to produce 60 million barrels of oil equivalents more than estimated at start of production.

"Gjøa was originally designed to export 17 million standard cubic metres of gas per day (MSm⊃;/d). That we are currently producing 20 MSm⊃;/d, 17.5 per cent more than estimated, is a great achievement," says Hilde Ådland, Head of Operations in ENGIE E&P Norge AS.


The last milestone on the road to increased gas production was reached on 7 March this year, when Gjøa produced 20 MSm⊃; per day for the first time. The improvement from 17 to 20 MSm⊃; has increased gas export revenues by NOK 5 million per day for the Gjøa licence, calculated in current day prices.

“Going from a limited export level of 10.5 MSm⊃;/d due to singing risers in 2010, to the current production level has been an exciting process. We have continually focused on challenging limitations and trying to find solutions, which has yielded good results. Now that we've achieved 20 MSm⊃;/day, it is an extra bonus that we're also experiencing a regularity of 98.3 per cent," says Ådland.


The increased production does not affect safety in any way, but the daily operations are monitored even closer. From ENGIE E&P's office in Stavanger the company has access to all systems at Gjøa. By conducting daily video conferences with the platform and weekly meetings with other suppliers to the gas export pipeline (FLAGS),  ENGIE E&P in Norway are now even more 'hands on' with production than previously.

"Due to good reservoir management, Gjøa is set to produce 60 million barrels of oil equivalents more than estimated at start of production, and in total, the field will produce 400 million barrels of oil equivalents over its lifetime," says Ådland.

ENGIE E&P Norge AS aims to be sustainable at lower hydrocarbon prices. A greater focus on costs has reduced the operating expenses on Gjøa by 10 per cent from 2015 to 2016, and the company is already working on reducing this further in 2017.

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