Approval of the acquisition of Shell / Attiki Gas BV's stake in EPA and EDA Attica by DEPA - Opens the way for the transformation of DEPA

Source Press Release
Company DEPARoyal Dutch Shell 
Tags Asset Deals, Deals, Refining & Marketing Activities
Date November 22, 2018

The plenary session of the Competition Commission approved yesterday unanimously and unconditionally the transaction between DEPA and Attiki Gas BV (member of the  Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies). For this transaction, the parties had agreed on July 13, 2018. Based on this transaction  DEPA will acquire: a) 49% of the shares of EPA Attica, and b) 49% of the shares of the company EDA Attica, owned by Attiki Gas BV. In this way,  DEPA will acquire sole control over EPA and ECA Attica. The approval of the Competition Commission was the result of a long and thorough examination of all aspects of the transaction under consideration. In the process, legal and commercial full and adequate answers were given to all the objections and concerns raised by third parties. Infrastructure.

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