Enstor, an Affiliate of Arclight Capital Partners, Acquires East Cheyenne Natural Gas Storage

Source Press Release
Company ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC 
Tags Asset Deals, Deals, LNG & Gas Storage/Processing
Date January 08, 2019

Enstor now positioned to become the largest independent natural gas storage operator in the United States

Enstor, an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners, today announced the acquisition of the 12 Bcf East Cheyenne natural gas storage facility.  East Cheyenne is located in Logan County, Colorado and is interconnected to the Trailblazer pipeline.  Enstor plans to integrate the facility into its existing natural gas storage platform, which ArcLight acquired in 2018. 

"East Cheyenne strategically expands Enstor's operations into the Rockies, Midwest, and West gas markets," said Paul Bieniawski, Chief Executive Officer of Enstor. "

The combination of East Cheyenne, the pending acquisition of Sempra's gas storage facilities, and our existing Enstor platform will create the largest independent natural gas storage operator in the United States," said Dan Revers, Managing Partner and Founder of ArcLight.

Pro forma for the Sempra transaction, Enstor will own and operate underground natural gas storage facilities in the Gulf Coast, Southwest, and Rockies regions of the United States with net working gas storage capacity of more than 120 Bcf.  Enstor's natural gas storage facilities access supply from the largest U.S. production basins and are strategically located in market areas which serve growing demand from LNG liquefaction, industrial expansions, power generation and exports to Mexico.  Enstor also holds development rights to a partially constructed hydrocarbon storage asset in the Permian basin and another undeveloped asset close to Mont Belvieu, Texas.

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