List of Awardees under OALP Bid Round –II

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Company Vedanta LimitedBP Plc.Indian Oil Corporation LimitedOil IndiaONGCReliance Industries Limited 
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Date July 02, 2019

Duly approved List of Awardees for 14 Blocks for which Bidding was carried out under OALP Bid Round –II are as follows:

Block-wise Position of H1 Bidders for OALP Bid Round-II

Sl. No.  Block Name  H1 Bidder 
RJ-ONHP-2018/1  Vedanta Limited 
CB-ONHP-2018/1  Vedanta Limited 
CB-ONHP-2018/2  ONGC Limited 
CY-ONHP-2018/1  Indian Oil Corporation Limited 
MN-ONHP-2018/1  Oil India Limited 
MN-ONHP-2018/2  Oil India Limited 
MN-ONHP-2018/3  Oil India Limited 
MN-ONHP-2018/4  Oil India Limited 
GK-OSHP-2018/1  Vedanta Limited 
10  GK-OSHP-2018/2  Vedanta Limited 
11  AN-OSHP-2018/1  Oil India Limited 
12  AN-OSHP-2018/2  Oil India Limited 
13  MN-OSHP-2018/1  Vedanta Limited 
    BP Exploration (Alpha) Limited 
    (40.0%), Reliance Industries Ltd 
14  KG-UDWHP-2018/1  (60.0%) 
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