Nov 09 - BNP Resources Inc. Announces Farmout/Joint Venture in key Jensen Property

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Company BNP Resources Inc 
Tags Deals, Upstream Activities
Date November 26, 2009

BNP Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that it has successfully concluded an agreement with a private Alberta company ("Privco") for the development of BNP's key Jensen property. Privco must recomplete the 16-5-3-20 discovery well and complete the 5-4-3-20 well in the Upper Madison, then equip and tie-in the 5-4 well to the 16-5 battery-all at its sole cost and expense-in order to earn a 50% interest in the two relevant quarter-sections. For greater clarity, both operations must be completed in order for Privco to earn. Privco will have rolling options to earn 50% in the remaining quarter-sections on a quarter-section basis by drilling, completing or recompleting, equipping and tie-in of additional wells. Where there is equipment on site or where a well has already been tied-in to the 16-5 battery, Privco will equalize and reimburse BNP for 50% of such equipment and pipelining costs. "This agreement is exactly what BNP was looking for at Jensen," says Mr. Gregory Bilcox, President and CEO. "An engineering-oriented company that understands and can work with this light oil dolomite reservoir. We look forward to working with our new partner in developing the Jensen pool."

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