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January 12, 2022 Aramco Expands European Downstream Presence with PKN Orlen Investments Saudi Aramco
January 12, 2022 MOL Expands its Consumer Services Portfolio in Poland MOL Group
December 15, 2021 ORLEN to Invest in Production of New Generation Biofuel PKN Orlen
December 14, 2021 Baltic Power Has Held Talks with Potential Suppliers on Building Supply Chain for Offshore Wind Project PKN Orlen
November 09, 2021 Baltic Power to Hold Talks with Suppliers About Successive Project Stages PKN Orlen
November 04, 2021 ORLEN Południe Launches Production of Eco-friendly, Green Glycol PKN Orlen
November 03, 2021 Environmentally Friendly Project in Trzebinia PKN Orlen
October 28, 2021 PKN ORLEN Financial Data for the 3rd Quarter 2021 Under Segments PKN Orlen
October 08, 2021 PKN ORLEN’s Investment in Deep Crude Conversion in Mažeikiai Will Enhance the Refinery’s Profitability PKN Orlen
September 30, 2021 PKN ORLEN to Undertake Project Aimed at Producing Innovative Biofuel Component PKN Orlen
September 22, 2021 PKN ORLEN Launches the Second Round of its Acceleration Programme PKN Orlen
September 21, 2021 PKN ORLEN Appoints Financial Advisor for the Baltic Power PKN Orlen
August 25, 2021 Strategic Partnership of PKN Orlen with American Manufacturer of Wind Turbines PKN Orlen
August 25, 2021 GE Renewable Energy and PKN Orlen Sign MOU on Offshore Wind in Poland General Electric Company
August 12, 2021 Lotos Delivers Very Solid Results Grupa Lotos
July 29, 2021 ORLEN Group posts best results ever PKN Orlen
July 15, 2021 Investment debate at Grupa LOTOS Grupa Lotos
July 05, 2021 the Orlen Group Finalises Geotechnical Surveys of the Baltic Sea Bed PKN Orlen
June 29, 2021 Orlen Group Takes Another Step Towards Zero-carbon Energy PKN Orlen
June 22, 2021 PKN Orlen Takes Next Step in its Petrochemical Development Programme PKN Orlen
June 15, 2021 Energy Regulatory Office Awards Support for Baltic Power Wind Farm PKN Orlen
June 14, 2021 Orlen Group to Launch International Hydrogen Program PKN Orlen
June 14, 2021 The ORLEN Group Finalises Geotechnical Surveys of the Baltic Sea Bed PKN Orlen
May 24, 2021 PKN Orlen Starts the Largest Petrochemical Project in Europe PKN Orlen
May 12, 2021 An Agreement on Cooperation Between PKN Orlen S.A., Lotos S.A. Group, PGNIG S.A. and the State Treasury Concerning Taking Control Over Lotos S.A. Group and PGNIG S.A. by PKN Orlen S.A. PKN Orlen
May 04, 2021 Orlen Will Build the First Hydrogen Refueling Stations PKN Orlen
April 29, 2021 PKN Orlen's Consolidated Financial Results for 1Q2021 PKN Orlen
April 28, 2021 Solid Results Delivered by Lotos Point to Gradual Market Recovery Grupa Lotos
March 30, 2021 PKN Orlen Receives Approval from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to Acquire Onshore Wind Farms PKN Orlen
March 26, 2021 President of UOKiK to Consider PKN Orlen’s Application for the Acquisition of PGNiG PKN Orlen
March 25, 2021 PKN Orlen Finalises its Strategic Partnership with Northland Power on Baltic Power Project PKN Orlen
March 17, 2021 Another Issue of ESG Bonds by PKN ORLEN PKN Orlen
March 16, 2021 PKN Orlen Secures Oil Supply Contract PKN Orlen
March 15, 2021 New Petrochemical Product in ORLEN Unipetrol Portfolio PKN Orlen
February 26, 2021 Share Purchase Agreement for 100% of Shares in Nowotna Farma Wiatrowa Sp. z.o.o PKN Orlen
February 22, 2021 Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team unveils its F1 car in Warsaw PKN Orlen
February 18, 2021 First Stop Cafe in Prague PKN Orlen
February 15, 2021 New Renewable Capacities in ORLEN Group’s Portfolio PKN Orlen
February 04, 2021 Record results delivered by retail and power generation segments PKN Orlen
January 29, 2021 Northland Power Announces Acquisition of a 49% Interest in Baltic Power Offshore Wind Project in Poland With Potential Capacity of Up to 1200 MW Northland Power Inc.
January 29, 2021 PKN Orlen Selects Strategic Partner for Offshore Wind Farm Project PKN Orlen