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December 01, 2023 TGS Shareholders Approve the Merger Plan with PGS TGS ASA
October 25, 2023 TGS and PGS Execute Definitive Merger Agreement TGS ASA
October 09, 2023 TGS Q3 2023 Revenue Update TGS ASA
September 25, 2023 TGS Announces 3D Expansion of Onshore Survey in the Midland Basin TGS ASA
September 18, 2023 PGS and TGS Combine to Establish the Premier Energy Data Company TGS ASA
September 18, 2023 TGS and PGS Combine to Establish the Premier Energy Data Company TGS ASA
September 14, 2023 TGS Announces Access to Well Data in Trinidad and Tobago’s Onshore and Offshore Basins TGS ASA
August 30, 2023 TGS Announces Commencement of Sarawak Phase 3 in Malaysia TGS ASA
August 03, 2023 TGS Announces Successful Completion of North Sea OBN Project TGS ASA
July 20, 2023 TGS Announces Q2 2023 Results TGS ASA
July 20, 2023 TGS Quarterly Dividend TGS ASA
July 10, 2023 TGS Q2 2023 Revenue Update TGS ASA
July 02, 2023 Floating LiDAR Deployment Marks Significant Moment for Norway’s Offshore Wind Ambitions TGS ASA
June 30, 2023 TGS Signs LOA for Proprietary Node Survey in North Sea TGS ASA
June 16, 2023 TGS Further Enhances Wind Development Insights Platform with UXO Analysis in US Central Atlantic TGS ASA
June 13, 2023 TGS Launches Well Data Analytics, a Customizable Cloud-based Analytics Platform with Industry-leading Well Data TGS ASA
June 08, 2023 TGS and SLB Announce Engagement Phase 4 in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico TGS ASA
June 07, 2023 TGS Announces First 2D-Cubed Project in Brazil TGS ASA
June 06, 2023 TGS Expands Multi-Client Coverage for Malvinas 3D Offshore Argentina TGS ASA
May 30, 2023 PGS Expands Multiclient Coverage in the Sarawak North Luconia Province PGS Overseas AS
May 30, 2023 TGS Expands Multi-client Coverage in the Sarawak North Luconia Province TGS ASA
May 24, 2023 TGS and KONGSBERG to Cooperate for Data-driven Solutions for Offshore Wind Field Development TGS ASA
May 23, 2023 TGS to Launch Multi-Client Wind and Metocean Measurement Campaign at Utsira Nord, Norway, with Strong Industry Support TGS ASA
May 11, 2023 TGS Announces Q1 2023 Results TGS ASA
April 13, 2023 TGS Announces Major 3D Reprocessing Program in Malaysia TGS ASA
April 13, 2023 TGS Q1 2023 Revenue Update TGS ASA