Advantagewon Announces Testing of Deeper Oil Zones

Source Press Release
Company Advantagewon Oil Corp. 
Tags Strategy - Upstream, Upstream Activities
Date October 03, 2018

Advantagewon Oil Corp. (CSE: AOC) (OTCQB: ANTGF) (the "Corporation", "Advantagewon", "AOC") announces testing of deeper oil zones in existing wells.

In the Corporation's continuing work to evaluate its leases and improve production, a deeper sand zone has been perforated in two of the Corporation's existing LaVernia area Texas wells. The purpose of this deeper well completion was to establish a second Poth sand zone as oil charged and capable of production, and therefore, a candidate for further development drilling or additional Poth sand zone completions in existing wells. The Corporation has commenced testing on one of these wells and is very pleased to report that the well is producing oil from the newly completed zone. Testing of the second well has been delayed due to the very wet weather in the region. Once the weather improves, the Corporation will commence testing on the second well and announce combined rates. These two additional zone tests were completed at a cost to date of under $14,000 USD. The current market price for purchase of oil production in this area is $40,000 USD to $50,000 USD per barrel of oil, per day.

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