Submission of R3 East Feasibility Study

Source Press Release
Company Savannah Petroleum Plc 
Tags Upstream Activities
Date March 20, 2019

Savannah Petroleum PLC, the British independent oil & gas company focused around activities in Niger and Nigeria, is pleased to announce that its Niger subsidiary ("Savannah Niger") has submitted a feasibility study (the "Feasibility Study") to the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum in Niger in relation to its planned early production scheme ("EPS") and development proposal on the R3 East portion of the R3/R4 Production Sharing Contract area of the Agadem Rift Basin ("ARB") of South East Niger.

The Feasibility Study documents Savannah's plans to develop the resources discovered during Savannah's 2018 drilling campaign, which delivered five discoveries from five exploration wells. The EPS is expected to be located on the Amdigh field and is planned to be domestic-focused, with oil produced as part of the EPS expected to be sold at the Société de Raffinage de Zinder ("SORAZ") refinery (connected to the ARB via the third-party owned Agadem-Zinder pipeline).

Early production from the Company's planned well test on the Amdigh-1 discovery (the first phase of the EPS, planned to be carried out in mid-2019) is expected to be transported via truck to the Agadem-Zinder pipeline tie-in point and, per Savannah's RNS dated 28 September 2018, is anticipated to deliver production of c.1kbd. Following evaluation of results from the Amdigh-1 well test, the Company intends to submit an addendum to the Feasibility Study which will reflect the relevant technical data from the well test campaign into the planned development scheme. The planned second phase of the Company's EPS continues to envisage a ramp-up of production to c.5kbd, associated with the construction of a pipeline from the Amdigh development area to the Agadem-Zinder pipeline tie-in point.

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