Pulse Oil Corp. Announces First Bigoray Well Encounters Over 50 Meters of Oil Pay, the Spudding of Pulse's Second Bigoray Well and Pulse's Production Testing Underway at Queenstown

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Company Pulse Oil Corp. 
Tags Strategy - Upstream, Upstream Activities
Date April 23, 2019

ulse Oil Corp. ("Pulse" or the "Company") (TSX-V: PUL and PUL.WT) is happy to report that the first well of a two well drilling program successfully reached total depth in its first Bigoray well, located in central Alberta and Pulse is currently drilling the second well within Pulse's Bigoray assets.  Pulse holds a 100% working interest in and operates the Bigoray assets.  


Pulse's first well at Bigoray, targeting newly defined undrained attic areas of Pulse's Nisku D pinnacle reef, encountered in excess of 50 meters of oil pay, as interpreted by independent third party petrophysical evaluators.  The well was drilled to a total depth of 2,750 meters and has been successfully cased, now awaiting testing operations which will follow the drilling of the second well currently being spudded from the same pad. The second well has a similar objective, but into the Nisku E pinnacle reef.

Pulse is drilling these back-to-back wells from a drilling pad that will also become the site of Pulse' centrally located enhanced oil recovery (EOR) facility. If both wells are successful as anticipated, Pulse expects the Bigoray well completion program and tie-in infrastructure to be finished shortly thereafter and Pulse expects to establish new Bigoray production in Q2 of the 2019 fiscal year.


Pulse is also happy to report that permanent production is now underway in the Queenstown area of southern Alberta from the two new wells drilled in December 2018. Brief post-frac production testing of the wells gave the Company confidence to proceed to permanent productionfacility construction, including wellsite group and individual well testing facilities, and approximately two kilometres of pipeline installation to a nearby production facility.

Drew Cadenhead, Pulse President and COO, commented: 

"It's been a busy and successful few months for our operational team; we have made great progress at both of our 100% owned oil producing assets. Our two new Queenstown wells are now on permanent productionthrough our newly built facilities, and we expect to report stabilised production rates within a few weeks. We have also successfully drilled our first of two Bigoray wells and have now spudded the second well. From a technical perspective, the first well checks all the boxes we were hoping to see, including apparent undrained attic oil from these 3-D defined "high-points" in our pools, over 50 meters of oil pay logged within the Nisku zone, and a complete penetration of the entire reef complex critical to future EOR operations. We look forward to the Bigoray testing program, currently expected to begin in late April or early May after we finish drilling the second well."

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