Star Bulk Carriers Corp. Agrees to Acquire Eleven Dry Bulk Vessels from Delphin Shipping LLC

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Company Star Bulk Carriers Corp. 
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Date May 27, 2019

Star Bulk Carriers Corp. (the "Company" or "Star Bulk") (Nasdaq: SBLK, Oslo: SBLK), a global shipping company focusing on the transportation of dry bulk cargoes announced today that it has entered into an en bloc definitive agreement with entities controlled by Delphin Shipping LLC (“Delphin” or “Sellers”), an entity affiliated with Kelso & Company (“Kelso”), pursuant to which the Company will acquire eleven (11) operating dry bulk vessels (the “Vessels”) for an aggregate purchase price of $139.5 million (“Purchase Price”), payable in the form of a) $80.0 million in cash  and b) 4.503 million common shares of Star Bulk (the “Consideration Shares”), (the “Vessel Acquisition”). The Company has secured exhaust gas cleaning systems (“EGCS” or “Scrubbers”) for all of the Vessels with attractive delivery dates.  

The cash portion of the Purchase Price will be financed through proceeds of a new seven-year capital lease of up to $93.6 million with China Merchants Bank Leasing, and an additional tranche of $15.0 million for financing of Scrubbers, thus offeringapprox. $9.0 million of additional liquidity for Star Bulk.   

Below are the details of the Vessels to be acquired from Delphin:

The Acquired Vessels:       
Vessel  YoB  Yard  DWT 
Apus  2014  Jiangsu Hantong  63,100 
Aquila  2012  Jiangsu Hantong  56,500 
Cepheus  2012  Jiangsu Hantong  56,500 
Columba  2012  Jiangsu Hantong  56,500 
D. Centaurus  2012  Jiangsu Hantong  56,600 
Dorado  2013  Jiangsu Hantong  56,500 
Hercules  2012  Jiangsu Hantong  56,500 
Hydrus  2013  Jiangsu Hantong  56,600 
Leo  2013  Jiangsu Hantong  56,600 
Pegasus  2013  Jiangsu Hantong  56,500 
Pyxis  2013  Jiangsu Hantong  56,600 
Total      628,500 

The Vessel Acquisition, which is expected to be consummated in June 2019, remains subject to the execution of definitive finance agreements and customary closing conditions. The technical management of the 11 vessels will remain with an entity affiliated with Technomar, while commercial management will be taken over by Star Bulk.

As a result of the contemplated transaction, entities affiliated with Kelso are expected to own approximately 4.6% of the outstanding common shares of the Company. After giving effect to the Vessel Acquisition, Star Bulk will have a fleet of 120 vessels on a fully delivered basis, aggregate cargo-carrying capacity of approximately 13.1 million deadweight tons and vessels with an average age of 7.8 years.

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