Conquest Invests in Greenfield Onshore Wind Farms with a Total Capacity of 43 MW in the Flemish Region

Source Press Release
Company Conquest Asset ManagementENGIE 
Tags Asset Deals, Deals, Renewable Energy, Power
Date February 03, 2020

Conquest, which acts on behalf of the Conquest Sustainable Infrastructure fund, announces that this transaction has been concluded following the signing of an exclusive agreement with ENGIE Electrabel. Conquest thus acquires 51% of a portfolio which should, by 2021, supply 111 GWh of renewable energy per year, ie the annual electricity consumption of around 32,000 Belgian households. The projects benefit from green certificates, ensuring the portfolio secure annual income over 15 to 20 years.

As energy and digital transitions continue to transform the infrastructure sector, Conquest is expanding its portfolio of real, sustainable assets in Western European markets. Its success is the result of years of collaboration with long-standing partners, sector experts capable of opening access to new growth opportunities. These investments are in line with the fund's strategy, which is to invest in moderate-risk, regular-return portfolios in Europe.

As some government bonds begin to show negative yields, their traditional role as portfolio stabilizer is called into question, thus presenting a particularly difficult challenge for the balance of asset-liability management of insurers and pension funds. . In this context, the resilience of flows with regular, stable and predictable annual returns is very attractive.

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