U.s. Department of Justice Closes Investigation Into Eni’s Nigerian and Algerian Activities

Source Press Release
Company ENI S.p.A. 
Tags Strategy - Corporate
Date October 01, 2019

Eni is pleased to acknowledge that it received confirmation from the U.S. Department of Justice that the DOJ has closed its investigation of Eni with respect to the OPL 245 and Algeria matters without taking any action (for more information about these matters, please refer to the Company’s annual report).

Eni reiterates that neither the Company nor its management was involved in any alleged corrupt activities in relation to the Opl245 transaction in Nigeria. The Company reminds that its controlling committees had outsourced to independent advisors internal investigations which did not reveal any illegal conduct. Eni is confident that the allegations currently put forward before they Court of Milan will be found to be groundless.

The Court of Milan had previously acquitted the Company and its management in relation to the Algeria proceedings, having found no instances of any wrongdoing or illegal activities. The judgement therefore reaffirmed the findings of several previous inquiries carried out by independent third parties, which found no involvement on the part of Eni or its management of any alleged illegal or corrupt activity.

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