ENI gas e luce and Eataly present “Sustainable Paths for a New Energy”: a partnership for energy efficiency and food excellence

Source Press Release
Company ENI S.p.A. 
Tags Renewable Energy
Date October 06, 2020

The “Sustainable Paths for a New Energy” partnership was launched this morning at Eataly Rome, in the presence of Nicola Farinetti, Eataly CEO, and Alberto Chiarini, Eni gas e luce CEO.

This partnership is based on a shared vision of values that the two companies brought together to create an energy efficiency path for Eataly and its supply chain, promoting an energy efficiency culture among its customers. The partnership will allow Eataly stores to further optimise their energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact. In addition, from January 2021, Eni gas e luce will supply Eataly stores with certified green energy generated by plants powered by renewable sources. However, the partnership is not limited to the stores, but aims to extend itself across the entire value chain. Eni gas e luce experts will be available to put their technical expertise at disposal to Eataly and its suppliers in order to upgrade the energy systems of the production plants.

Eni gas e luce and Eataly also want to encourage people to make better use of energy and resources. For this reason, the companies are working together on an Education programme that will include an extensive calendar of classes. The workshops will be held by Eni gas e luce experts working alongside Eataly chefs to demonstrate how energy can be used efficiently also in the kitchen.

 “Eataly has contributed to spread awareness about quality food and conscious consumption in Italy. In Eni gas e luce, our mission is to help our customers to make better use of energy and to use less of it. We share the same vision as Eataly, consume better and reduce waste. For this reason, we are proud to be here today with Eataly to officially launch a partnership that is not a simple commercial collaboration, but an alliance based on a shared vision of values, to join forces to contribute to spreading the culture of sustainability and highlighting the importance of energy efficiency”, said Alberto Chiarini, Eni gas e luce CEO.

Nicola Farinetti, CEO of Eataly, commented “We chose Eni gas e luce as our partner on this journey because it has the right attitude and skills for us. With them we can build our path towards energy saving. This is an exciting challenge because it will lead to lifestyle changes for all of us, in all areas. Each sector of the economy and society must identify its own sustainable path. This path may start off quite narrowly but will widen as the number, quality and potential of contributors increases. A path that has already changed Eataly Rome into a smarter place to visit”.

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