INA Intends to Increase its Presence on the Slovenian Market

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Company INA GroupMOL GroupOMV Group 
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Date June 08, 2021
  • INA and MOL together will acquire an additional 92.25% stake in OMV Slovenija d.o.o., ie 120 new retail sites and wholesale business in Slovenia
  • INA will be the main fuel supplier for MOL Group’s retail sites in Slovenia
  • INA’s share in the company shall increase from 7.75% to 33%

INA and MOL reached an agreement to acquire OMV’s 92.25% stake in OMV Slovenija d.o.o. The transaction includes 120 service stations across Slovenia and the wholesale business of the acquired company as well. INA already holds a 7.75% stake in OMV Slovenija d.o.o. and in line with the agreement INA shall increase its share from the current 7.75% to 33%.

 OMV Slovenija d.o.o. operates the second largest retail network of 120 retail sites throughout Slovenia under 4 brands: OMV (108); Euro Truck (4); and Avanti/DISKONT (8). After the acquisition INA and MOL will become 100% owners of the mentioned property. This transaction will also benefit INA’s customers, who will be able to enjoy well-known quality fuels and top-quality service in substantially more locations in the neighbouring country in the future.

With 48 MOL and 5 INA-branded service stations in Slovenia, MOL Group is currently the nr. 3 retail market player. Owing to the potential transaction  MOL Group – MOL and INA – could reach 173 service stations in Slovenia.

The main fuel supplier for all already existing and newly acquired INA and MOL service stations in Slovenia will be INA.

„This way the captive market for our Rijeka Refinery is granted and therefore the refinery’s long-term future is ensured, where the implementation of the strategic project of building the Delayed Coker unit is on-going. This acquisition shows that together with MOL we continue to realize our strategic goals of strengthening INA’s and MOL Group’s presence in the region“, said Sándor Fasimon, President of INA’s Management Board. 

The transaction is subject to merger clearance.

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