Operating Results for the Year 2016

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Date January 27, 2017

JSC KazMunaiGas Exploration Production (“KMG EP” or “Company”) announces its operating results for the year 2016.


Overall, KMG EP, including its stakes in Kazgermunai (“KGM”), CCEL (“Karazhanbasmunai”) and PetroKazakhstan Inc. (“PKI”), produced 12,154 thousand tonnes of crude oil (245 kbopd) for 2016, a 2% decrease on 2015.

Ozenmunaigas JSC (“OMG”) produced 5,555 thousand tonnes (112 kbopd), a 1% increase as compared to 2015. Embamunaigas JSC (“EMG”) produced 2,832 thousand tonnes (57 kbopd), a 0.3% increase as compared to 2015. The total volume of oil OMG and EMG produced was 8,387 thousand tonnes (169 kbopd), which is a 1% increase compared to production for 2015.

The Company’s share in production from CCEL, KGM, and PKI for 2016 amounted to 3,767 thousand tonnes of crude oil (76 kbopd), 6% less than in 2015, mainly due to a natural decline in production of oil from PKI assets.

Crude oil supplies and sales of oil products

In 2016, the Company’s combined sales from OMG and EMG were 8,405 thousand tonnes (165 kbopd) of which 4,946 thousand tonnes (97 kbopd) of oil was exported, 59% of the total sales volume; and 3,459 thousand tonnes (68 kbopd) of oil sold into the domestic market. Another 4 thousand tonnes of oil products were sold to the domestic market.

Out of 3,459 thousand tonnes (68 kbopd) of oil supplied by OMG and EMG to the domestic market, 2,578 thousand tonnes (51 kbopd) was supplied to Atyrau Refinery; and 881 thousand tonnes (17 kbopd) was supplied to Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant.

In Q1 2016, before the Company switched to independent oil processing scheme[1], domestic supplies were 830 thousand tonnes of oil. For the remainder of 2016, 2,629 thousand tonnes of oil was supplied to the domestic market for further refining.

As per the independent oil processing scheme, sales of oil products between April and December of 2016 was 2,324 thousand tonnes of oil products. For more details on petroleum product sales, please see Table No.2 below.

The share of domestic supplies from the resources of OMG and EMG was up to 41% in 2016 as compared to 33% in 2015. As previously reported, it is expected that the share of domestic supplies in 2017 will be 2.9 million tonnes of oil (57 kbopd) or around 33% of the total sales.

The Company’s share in the sales from CCEL, KGM, and PKI was 3,676 thousand tonnes of crude oil (75 kbopd), including 1,832 thousand tonnes (36 kbopd) supplied to export markets, or 50% of total sales volume. The domestic sales volume was 1,844 thousand tonnes (39 kbopd).

The Company’s oil supplies, including the share in KGM, CCEL, and PKI, changed in 2016 as compared to 2015. The share of export sales was up from 52% to 56%; the share of domestic sales was up from 40% to 44%; and supplies to Russia (intergovernmental agreement) were down from 8% to 0%.


[1] Prior to April 2016, the Company had been supplying a portion of crude oil to KazMunaiGas Refining & Marketing (“KMG RM”) as part of its domestic supply obligations. Starting April 2016, the Company has been refining crude oil at Atyrau Refinery and Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant, and selling crude oil through KMG RM that has since been acting as a sales agent.

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