Interim Results for the Six Months to 30 June 2021

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Date September 02, 2021

Baron Oil Plc (AIM:BOIL), the AIM-quoted oil and gas exploration company focused on opportunities in SE Asia, UK and Latin America, announces its unaudited interim financial information and results for the six months ended 30 June 2021.

Key Points

·    Consolidation of interests in Timor-Leste Chuditch PSC - Baron now has a 75% interest

·    Critical 3D seismic reprocessing by TGS to define Chuditch prospectivity underway

·    Agreed increase in interest in UK licence P2478 containing the large Dunrobin prospect

·    Acceleration of Dunrobin subsurface evaluation with Baron's technical oversight

·    First half of 2022 set to be a key period for both Chuditch and Dunrobin 


·    Available cash (excluding monies held as security for bank guarantees in Peru and Timor-Leste) as at 30 June 2021 of £2,515,000 (30 June 2020: £1,798,000; 31 December 2020: £1,190,000). Successful Placing and Subscription raising £3 million (gross) announced on 24 March 2021.

·    In April 2021, the Company increased its stake in SundaGas (Timor-Leste Sahul) Pte. Ltd ("TLS") to a controlling interest of 85% at a cash cost of US$1,243,000; and acquired the remaining 15% on 17 June 2021 in exchange for the issue of 1,157,202,885 ordinary shares in the Company. Baron was not required to make any further contribution to the bank guarantee deposit. The full value of the guarantee deposit of US$1,000,000 is now consolidated, with US$667,000 shown as a payable to SundaGas Pte. Ltd.

·    Net loss after finance costs and tax of £117,000 (30 June 2020: net loss of £703,000; year to 31 December 2020: net loss of £920,000), representing a loss of 0.002p per share (30 June 2020: 0.020p; year to 31 December 2020: 0.023p).

·    There is a gain of £359,000 arising on the deemed disposal of the interest in an associated undertaking under IFRS3 that arises on the acquisition of the remaining equity in SundaGas (Timor-Leste Sahul) Pte. Ltd (see note 7 of the Interim Financial Statements).

·    Increase in administration expenses largely arises from consolidation of TLS, which was previously accounted for as an associated undertaking, for part of the period for the first time, and a severance payment to a former director.    

Andy Yeo, Chief Executive commented:           "

We believe that the success in securing the significantly increased interest in the Chuditch PSC places Baron in a strong position to deliver material value for shareholders. The ongoing sophisticated technical work and the scale of the mean Prospective Resources, now independently evaluated to be an aggregate of 592MMBOE (gross), are believed to be of a sufficient level to attract the interest of major regional gas players and other potential funding partners. The Company anticipates initiating discussions with a range of such parties from September 2020 onwards. In addition, we have been able to accelerate progress in the UK on Licence P2478 as well as increasing our interest in the potentially large Dunrobin prospect.

"The first half of 2022 will be an important period for Baron for both Chuditch and P2478." 

Timor-Leste: offshore Chuditch PSC, Timor Sea - Baron 75%; TIMOR GAP 25%

Corporate & PSC Developments

During the reporting period, Baron progressively increased its interest in SundaGas Timor-Leste (Sahul) Pte. Ltd. ("TLS") from 33.33% to 100%. TLS is the parent company of SundaGas Banda Unipessoal Lda. ("Banda"), the Timor-Leste registered subsidiary, which is the Operator of and 75% interest holder in the TL-SO-19-16 PSC ("Chuditch PSC", or "PSC"). The remaining 25% interest is held by TIMOR GAP Chuditch Unipessoal, Lda. ("TIMOR GAP"), a subsidiary of the Timor-Leste state oil company, which is carried for all exploration and development costs through to first production.

Through this process, which included a Placing and Subscription of £3 million (gross) and a Share Exchange, Baron has secured undiluted control of Banda, welcomed a significant new shareholder to Baron, and retained the Banda technical and commercial team who will continue to drive the Chuditch PSC project forward.

At the regulatory level, Banda enjoys a strong, constructive relationship with Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais ("ANPM"), the Timor-Leste state oil and gas regulatory authority, and our partner, TIMOR GAP. This was an important consideration for ANPM when granting Banda a year's extension to Contract Year 1 of the PSC in February 2021, to enable the timely completion of the committed work programme, in particular the 3D seismic reprocessing project. The latest Management Committee Meeting with ANPM and TIMOR GAP in late June 2021 reaffirmed the significant progress being made on the PSC's work programme and ratified Banda's plans for continuing technical studies and for the expansion and training of the Timor-Leste based team.

3D Seismic Reprocessing

The licensing and reprocessing of 1,270km2 of 3D seismic data covering the Chuditch-1 discovery and adjacent prospects commenced in April 2021 with the work being conducted by TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA ("TGS") at their UK processing centre in the United Kingdom.

The reprocessing is specifically designed to address key issues associated with sea-bed topography and shallow geological features which significantly impact the existing seismic image at the reservoir level local to the Chuditch area, where previous technologies had largely failed. Whilst necessarily computationally intensive and time-consuming, the work is expected to result in a considerably enhanced subsurface image, critical for the definition of the size and shape of the accumulation, impacting the evaluation of gas volumes in place and the location of potential future wells.

Encouraging progress is being made with the reprocessing, affirmed at a key milestone meeting held during August 2021. Initial reprocessed data are scheduled to be delivered in Q4 2021 with final data due in Q2 2022. A decision on whether to enter the drilling phase, with the potential for a high impact drilling programme in 2023, is to be taken by Q4 2022 following the interpretation of the final reprocessed data.

Geological and Geophysical Studies

In parallel with the reprocessing project, the geological and geophysical database has been expanded by accessing legacy information on seismic acquisition and drilling held on behalf of the government of Timor-Leste by Geoscience Australia. These additional data sets are being incorporated into the evaluation of the Chuditch area, including:

·    extensive seismic interpretation and mapping, now complete, based on legacy 2D seismic data, developing the understanding of the regional context of the Chuditch discovery;

·    a detailed petroleum systems modelling exercise utilising the expanded regional geological datasets and seismic mapping; and

·    a revised petrophysical evaluation of the Chuditch discovery.

Prospective Resources

On 17 July 2021, the Company announced the results of an independent review of Prospective Resources by THREE60 Energy Asia Sdn. Bhd. ("THREE60 Energy") for the Chuditch PSC, validated to SPE PRMS 2018 industry standards. This independent review confirmed and superseded previous non-SPE PRMS compliant gross volume potential assessments, including for the first time an assessment of the volumes of prospective condensate resources in the Chuditch-1 discovery and adjacent prospects and lead:

·    Aggregate Gross Mean Prospective Resources of 3,368 Bscf of gas and 30 MMbbl of condensate, equivalent to a total of 592 MMBOE.

·    High Estimate (3U) of gross Prospective Resources equivalent to a total of 1,156 MMBOE reflecting the potential for a single, large accumulation.

·    Subsurface risks for the prospects and lead estimated to be low since they share analogous geological characteristics to Chuditch-1 and other gas discoveries in adjacent Timor-Leste and Australian waters.

Regional Activity

We believe that recent events in the Timor Sea area illustrate the high value potential of Chuditch within this important emerging gas arena:

·   acceleration in regional gas development following the Santos US$1.25 billion acquisition of ConocoPhillips' upstream and midstream assets in northern Australia and Timor-Leste;

·    infill drilling results by Santos on the Bayu-Undan field in Timor-Leste waters demonstrated high initial rates of gas and condensate production from the Jurassic Plover Formation (the reservoir encountered in Chuditch-1), expected to lead to an extension of infrastructure life;

·    announcement of a Memorandum of Understanding between Santos and ENI to jointly explore synergies for the development of gas resources and infrastructure in the Timor Sea; and

·    robust demand and price growth in the SE Asia liquid natural gas ("LNG") market, where future demand is forecast to exceed supply.

UKCS: offshore Licence P2478, Inner Moray Firth - Baron 32%; Corallian 36%; Upland 32% *


The P2478 Licence contains the prospective Dunrobin area consisting of large, rotated fault blocks mapped mostly on 3D seismic data with candidate direct hydrocarbon indicators. The cost of a well to test the Dunrobin prospect is expected to be modest at c. £7 million gross as the prospect lies in waters of less than 100 metres and the total drilling depth is prognosed to be approximately 660 metres.

Dunrobin is evaluated by Baron to be one of the few remaining targets yet to be drilled in the UK North Sea where estimated gross mean Prospective Resources are in excess of 100 MMbbl (a non-SPE PRMS compliant estimate). In addition, there is the follow up potential of the smaller Golspie prospect within the licence area. The Beatrice field c.20km north of Dunrobin produced over 140 MMbbl from the same petroleum system.

Regional Technical Studies

In Q1 2021, the joint venture received the results of regional technical studies undertaken by a large European E&P company as part of a work sharing agreement, which enhanced the partners' understanding of the petroleum geology and corroborated their view of Dunrobin as a potentially attractive and substantial target. The results have been incorporated into the ongoing work programme.

Increase in Interest

During August 2021, Baron increased its interest in P2478 and in particular in Dunrobin from 15% to 32% (* subject to the consent of the UK Oil and Gas Authority) in exchange for paying 100% of the costs of the remaining Phase A work commitments up to a cap of £160,000. Corallian remains the operator of Licence P2478, with Baron assuming the role of technical overseer of the remaining Phase A work commitments.

3D Seismic Reprocessing Programme

The key component of the Phase A work is 3D seismic reprocessing which is expected to be delivered during H1 2022 and which is aimed at reducing the range of volumetric uncertainty and subsurface risk as well as providing potential drilling location candidates. The accelerated evaluation will provide time to mature the Dunrobin prospect and to engage with potential drilling partners ahead of making a "drill or drop" decision before the end of Phase A in July 2023.

Peru: onshore Block XXI, Sechura Desert of northern Peru - Baron 100%


In a country where political upheaval and uncertainty continues, Peru has been hard-hit by the pandemic, recording the highest COVID-19 death toll per capita in the world. Nevertheless, there are signs that the authorities are beginning to scale back certain COVID restrictions ahead of the next review of the current national State of Emergency.

As previously noted, whilst the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions have continued to delay progress in relation to a drilling decision for the proposed El Barco-3X exploration well, there has been some progress in our application for a three-year extension option to the licence. Also, following the appointment of a new regional president and council in the Piura region which contains the licence area, our Peru based team has recently been able to visit and engage with the local communities of Belisario and El Barco.

Drilling Requirements

In order to progress the drilling project, we will require all of the following:

·    confirmation that a three-year extension option to the licence is available;

·    a local farm-in operating partner;

·    freedom to conduct workshops with the local communities of Belisario and El Barco; and

·    drilling authorisation at the local level from, amongst others, the regional president and council.

For now, the licence remains in Force Majeure. It remains unclear how quickly oil and gas exploration activity might recover once COVID restrictions have been lifted. Given the lengthy economic shutdown and our drilling requirements before progressing the project, we are unlikely to be able to take a decision on the drilling of the El Barco-3X exploration well until we move into 2022.

Baron Oil plc               
Consolidated Income Statement 
for the six months ended 30 June 2021 
    6 months to    6 months to    Year to   
    30 June    30 June    31 December   
    2021    2020    2020   
  Note  Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited   
    £'000    £'000    £'000   
Revenue                   -                      -                      -      
Cost of sales                   -                      -                      -      
Gross loss                     -                     -                     -   
Exploration and evaluation expenditure    (135)             (67)           (145)   
Intangible asset impairment               22           (120)               59   
Property, plant and equipment depreciation               (6)                   -                   (2)   
Receivables impairment               42             (14)    74   
Administration expenses  (424)    (367)    (710)   
Profit/(loss) arising on foreign exchange    (36)    37    (157)   
Other operating income                89                   -                      -      
Operating loss    (448)    (531)    (881)   
Loss from interest in associated undertaking    (29)              (15)              (44)   
Impairment of investment in associated undertaking                   -            (159)                   -      
Gain on disposal of associated undertaking            359                   -                      -      
Loss before interest and taxation    (118)    (705)    (925)   
Finance cost    (1)                   -                      -      
Finance income         
Loss on ordinary activities before taxation  (117)    (703)    (920)   
Income tax (expense)/benefit                 -                   -                      -      
Loss on ordinary activities after taxation    (117)    (703)    (920)   
Loss on ordinary activities after taxation is attributable to:               
Equity shareholders    (117)    (703)    (920)   
Non-controlling interests                   -                   -                      -      
Loss on ordinary activities after taxation    (117)    (703)    (920)   
Earnings/(loss) per share: basic  (0.002)p    (0.020)p    (0.023)p   
Diluted  (0.002)p    (0.020)p    (0.023)p   
Baron Oil plc 
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 
for the six months ended 30 June 2021 
    6 months to    6 months to    Year to   
    30 June    30 June    31 December   
    2021    2020    2020   
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited   
    £'000    £'000    £'000   
Loss on ordinary activities after taxation attributable to the parent    (117)    (703)    (920)   
Other comprehensive income               
Release of option reserve                   -                      -       41   
Currency translation differences    (19)    88    (115)   
Total comprehensive income for the period    (136)    (615)    (994)   
Total comprehensive income attributable to:               
Owners of the company    (136)    (615)    (994)   
Baron Oil plc             
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 
at 30 June 2021             
    30 June    30 June    31 December 
    2021    2020    2020 
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited 
  Note  £'000    £'000    £'000 
Non-current assets             
Property, plant and equipment                  37                     -                  43 
Intangibles  2,486    14    18 
Goodwill                  -                  -                  - 
Associated undertaking                  -                  -              151 
    2,523    14    212 
Current assets             
Receivables    83    311    376 
Cash and cash equivalents    2,515    1,798    1,190 
Cash held as security for bank guarantees    842    134    121 
    3,440    2,243    1,687 
Total assets    5,963    2,257    1,899 
Equity and liabilities             
Capital and reserves attributable to owners of the parent             
Called up share capital  10  2,896    1,107    1,107 
Share premium account    34,061    32,189    32,156 
Share option reserve    135    137    135 
Foreign exchange translation reserve    1,509    1,731    1,528 
Retained earnings    (33,247)    (32,954)    (33,130) 
Total equity    5,354    2,210    1,796 
Current liabilities             
Trade and other payables    570    36    58 
Taxes payable    15    11    16 
    585    47    74 
Non-current liabilities             
Lease finance    24                  -    29 
Total equity and liabilities    5,963    2,257    1,899 
Baron Oil plc             
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows   
for the six months ended 30 June 2021   
    6 months to    6 months to    Year to 
    30 June    30 June    31 December 
    2021    2020    2020 
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited 
  Note  £'000    £'000    £'000 
Operating activities  11  25    (675)    (919) 
Investing activities             
Return from investment and servicing of finance                      2                    5 
Repayment from/(advances to) associated undertakings    323             (323) 
Acquisition of intangible assets    (900)            (183)              (14) 
Acquisition of subsidiary and associated undertakings    (889)              (195) 
    (1,464)    (181)    (527) 
Financing activities             
Proceeds from issue of share capital    2,768          2,307            2,295 
Lease financing                (4)                  (6) 
Net cash (outflow)/inflow    1,325    1,451    843 
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the period    1,190    347    347 
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period    2,515    1,798    1,190 
As at 30 June 2021, bank deposits include amounts totalling US$1,160,000 (30 June and 31 December 2020: US$160,000) that are being held in respect of guarantees and are not available for use until the Group fulfils certain licence and contractual commitments in Peru and Timor-Leste. This is not considered to be liquid cash and has therefore been excluded from the cash flow statement. Should any of the Timor-Leste US $1,000,000 Bank Guarantee be released, the net proceeds received shall be divided between SundaGas Pte. Ltd ("SGPL") and Baron in the proportions of their Initial Interests (66.67% and 33.33%). The receipt of any such funds shall satisfy the Bank Guarantee Loan Account ("BGLA") which shall be considered to be repaid in full. In the event that the Bank Guarantee is exercised or the Bank Guarantee deposit is otherwise forfeited, SGPL and Baron have agreed that the BGLA shall be written off and neither of them shall have any claim against TLS in this respect.    
Baron Oil plc               
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity   
for the six months ended 30 June 2021   
    6 months to    6 months to    Year to   
    30 June    30 June    31 December   
    2021    2020    2020   
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited   
    £'000    £'000    £'000   
Opening equity    1,796    455    455   
Shares issued net of costs    3,694          2,307            2,295   
Loss for the period attributable to equity shareholders    (117)    (703)    (920)   
Share based payments                   -                63                81   
Foreign exchange translation    (19)    88    (115)   
Closing equity    5,354    2,210    1,796   
Baron Oil plc                 
Notes to the Interim Financial Information             

1. General Information

Baron Oil Plc is a company incorporated in England and Wales and quoted on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange. The registered office address is Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London EC1V 9EE.

The principal activity of the Group is that of oil and gas exploration and production.

These financial statements are a condensed set of financial statements and are prepared in accordance with the requirements of IAS 34 and do not include all the information and disclosures required in annual financial statements and should be read in conjunction with the Group's annual financial statements as at 31 December 2020. The financial statements for the half period ended 30 June 2021 are unaudited and do not comprise statutory financial statements within the meaning of Section 435 of the Companies Act 2006.

Statutory financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2020, prepared under IFRS, were approved by the Board of Directors on 26 May 2021 and delivered to the Registrar of Companies.

2. Basis of Preparation

This consolidated interim financial information have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS") as adopted by the European Union and on the historical cost basis, using the accounting policies which are consistent with those set out in the Company's Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2020. This interim financial information for the six months to 30 June 2021, which complies with IAS 34 'Interim Financial Reporting', was approved by the Board on 1 September 2021.

3. Accounting Policies

Except as described below, the accounting policies applied are consistent with those of the annual financial statements for the period ended 31 December 2020, as described in those annual financial statements.

The preparation of financial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the amounts reported for assets and liabilities as at the balance sheet date and the amounts reported for revenues and expenses during the period. The nature of estimation means that actual outcomes could differ from those estimates. Estimates and assumptions used in the preparation of the financial statements are continually reviewed and revised as necessary. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that such estimates and assumptions are reasonable, by their nature they are uncertain, and as such, changes in estimates and assumptions may have a material impact in the financial statements.

i)    Carrying value of property, plant and equipment and of intangible exploration and evaluation fixed assets.

Valuation of petroleum and natural gas properties: consideration of impairment includes estimates relating to oil and gas reserves, future production rates, overall costs, oil and natural gas prices which impact future cash flows. In addition, the timing of regulatory approval, the general economic environment and the ability to finance future activities through the issuance of debt or equity also impact the impairment analysis. All these factors may impact the viability of future commercial production from developed and unproved properties, including major development projects, and therefore the need to recognise impairment.

ii)   Commercial reserves estimates

Oil and gas reserve estimates: estimation of recoverable reserves include assumptions regarding commodity prices, exchange rates, discount rates, production and transportation costs all of which impact future cashflows. It also requires the interpretation of complex geological and geophysical models in order to make an assessment of the size, shape, depth and quality of reservoirs and their anticipated recoveries. The economic, geological and technical factors used to estimate reserves may change from period to period. Changes in estimated reserves can impact developed and undeveloped property carrying values, asset retirement costs and the recognition of income tax assets, due to changes in expected future cash flows. Reserve estimates are also integral to the amount of depletion and depreciation charged to income.

Notes to the Interim Financial Information             
4. Segmental information                 
    United Kingdom    South America    South East Asia    Total 
Six months ended 30 June 2021    £'000    £'000    £'000    £'000 
Sales to external customers         
    _______    _______    _______    _______ 
Segment revenue         
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Segment result    (466)    (26)    375    (117) 
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Total net assets    2,459    125          2,770    5,354 
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
    United Kingdom    South America    South East Asia    Total 
Six months ended 30 June 2020    £'000    £'000    £'000    £'000 
Sales to external customers                     -                     -                     -                     - 
    _______    _______    _______    _______ 
Segment revenue                     -                     -                     -                     - 
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Segment result    (332)    (197)    (174)    (703) 
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Total assets    2,067    143                  -    2,210 
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
    United Kingdom    South America    South East Asia    Total 
Year ended 31 December 2020    £'000    £'000    £'000    £'000 
Sales to external customers                     -                     -                     -                     - 
    _______    _______    _______    _______ 
Segment revenue         
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Segment result    (891)    15    (44)    (920) 
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Total assets less liabilities    1,200    122             474    1,796 
    ═════    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Baron Oil plc             
Notes to the Interim Financial Information (continued)         
5. Administration expenses    6 months to    6 months to    Year to 
    30 June    30 June    31 December 
    2021    2020    2020 
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited 
    £'000    £'000    £'000 
Directors' and employee benefit expense    220    160    374 
Director's severance payment    53                     -                     - 
Share-based payment                     -                  63                  81 
Legal and professional fees                96                114    198 
Other expenses                  55                  30                  57 
    424    367    710 
6. Loss on ordinary activities before taxation             
    6 months to    6 months to    Year to 
    30 June    30 June    31 December 
    2021    2020    2020 
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited 
    £'000    £'000    £'000 
The loss on ordinary activities before taxation includes:             
Auditors' remuneration             
  Audit    12    13    32 
  Other non-audit services                      1   
Exploration and evaluation expenditure                135                  67                145 
Impairment of intangible assets    (22)    120    (59) 
Depreciation of property, plant and equipment                       -   
Impairment of foreign tax receivables    (42)    14    (74) 
(Profit)/Loss on exchange    36    (37)    157 
    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
7. Gain on disposal of associated undertaking and acquisition of subsidiary undertaking       
During the period, the Company increased its stake in SundaGas (Timor-Leste Sahul) Limited ("TLS") from 33.33% to 100%. In accordance with IFRS3, this is treated as an effective disposal of the interest in the associated undertaking requiring a remeasurement of its cost to fair value. This results in a gain on disposal of £359,000.   
As a consequence of the increased holding in TLS, the company is now consolidated into the Group Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position. As TLS is a single asset company in pre-production phase, it is included as an oil & gas asset purchase rather than as a business combination, and its carrying value is included in intangible assets.   
8. Income tax expense             
There was no tax expense during the period (30 June 2020: nil; 31 December 2020: nil).   
Baron Oil plc             
Notes to the Interim Financial Information (continued)         
9. Earnings/(loss) per Share         
    6 months to    6 months to    Year to 
    30 June    30 June    31 December 
    2021    2020    2020 
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited 
    Pence    Pence    Pence 
Earnings/(loss) per ordinary share             
Basic    (0.002)    (0.020)    (0.023) 
Diluted    (0.002)    (0.020)    (0.023) 
    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
The earnings/(loss) per ordinary share is based on the Group's loss for the period attributable to equity shareholders of £117,000 (30 June 2020: £703,000; 31 December 2020: £920,000) and a weighted average number of shares in issue of 7,302,657,312 (30 June 2020: 3,545,718,838; 2020: 3,988,470,466). 
10. Called up Share Capital         
On 26 March 2021, the Company issued 1,525,000,000 Ordinary Shares of 0.025p each at 0.05p per share, plus a further 4,475,000,000 Ordinary Shares of 0.025p each at 0.05p per share on 12 April 2021, together yielding net proceeds after costs of £2,768,000. 
On 17 June 2021, the Company issued 1,157,202,885 shares in exchange for the remaining 15% of the ordinary share capital of SundaGas (Timor-Leste Sahul) Pty. Ltd. not already held, at a value of £926,000. 
11. Reconciliation of operating loss to net cash outflow from operating activities         
    6 months to    6 months to    Year to 
    30 June    30 June    31 December 
    2021    2020    2020 
    Unaudited    Unaudited    Audited 
    £'000    £'000    £'000 
Loss for the period    (117)    (703)    (920) 
Depreciation and amortisation    (16)    279    (57) 
Share based payments                   -                63                81 
Loss from interest in associated undertaking                29                15                44 
Other operating income non-cash movement    89     
Finance income shown as an investing activity    (2)    (2)    (5) 
Tax Expense/(Benefit)                   -                   -                   - 
Foreign currency translation    (21)    (41)    (52) 
(Increase)/decrease in receivables    28    (262)    (4) 
Tax paid                   -    20                   - 
Increase/(decrease) in payables    35    (44)    (6) 
    ______    ______    _______ 
    25    (675)    (919) 
    ═════    ═════    ═════ 
Baron Oil plc             
Notes to the Interim Financial Information (continued)         
12. Related party transactions             
During the period, the Company purchased technical services amounting to £nil (30 June 2020: £1.346; 31 December 2020: £17,096) from Tedstone Oil and Gas Limited, a company controlled by Mr Jon Ford, a director. 
During the year, the directors subscribed for new ordinary shares in the Company at a price of 0.005p per new ordinary share as part of a placing of new ordinary shares that was announced by the Company on 24 March 2021. The number of shares subscribed for during the period, and the aggregate number and percentage of shares held directly and indirectly by directors are as follows. 
Director  Number of shares subscribed  Total shareholding     Percentage held 
Andrew Yeo  62,600,000  168,850,000    1.61% 
Jon Ford  15,000,000  22,500,000    0.22% 
John Wakefield  20,000,000  20,000,000    0.19% 
13. Financial Information             
The unaudited interim financial information for period ended 30 June 2021 do not constitute statutory financial statements within the meaning of Section 435 of the Companies Act 2006. The comparative figures for the year ended 31 December 2020 are extracted from the statutory financial statements which have been filed with the Registrar of Companies and which contain an unqualified audit report and did not contain statements under Section 498 to 502 of the Companies Act 2006. 
Copies of this interim financial information document are available from the Company at its registered office at   Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London EC1V 9EE. The interim financial information document will also be available on the Company's website .           
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