Result of General Meeting ("GM") and Total Voting Rights ("TVR")

Source Press Release
Company Savannah Energy Plc 
Tags Strategy - Corporate
Date January 24, 2022

Savannah Energy PLC, the British independent energy company focused around the delivery of Projects that Matter in Africa, announces it held a general meeting at 10.30 a.m. today to approve, inter alia, the Exxon Acquisition and the  PETRONAS Acquisition, and the allotment of, inter alia, the EBT Shares and the Warrant Shares.  In total, there were 10 resolutions proposed and the Company is pleased to announce that all 10 resolutions proposed were duly passed by way of a poll of the requisite majority. The votes received in relation to the resolutions were as follows:

No.  Resolution   For  For  Against  Against  Withheld 
  *indicates special resolution  (No. of shares)  (%)  (No. of shares)  (%)  (No. of shares) 
Approve Exxon Acquisition  876,994,633  100.00  600  0.00  175,000 
Approve PETRONAS Acquisition  876,995,233  100.00  0.00  175,000 
Allot Ordinary Shares  876,146,323  99.90  843,190  0.10  180,720 
Allot the EBT Shares  626,325,518  83.34  125,229,929  16.66  125,614,786 
Allot the Warrant Shares  874,677,773  99.74  2,311,740  0.26  180,720 
Allot the new Ordinary Shares  743,387,003  98.83  8,834,209  1.17  124,949,021 
Pre-emption Rights*  868,100,906  99.06  8,222,842  0.94  846,485 
Pre-emption Rights - EBT*  626,297,120  83.33  125,258,327  16.67  125,614,786 
Warrant Shares*  871,699,375  99.47  4,624,373  0.53  846,485 
10  Ordinary Shares*  743,358,605  98.91  8,196,842  1.09  125,614,786 
1.  All resolutions were passed.  
2.  Proxy appointments which gave discretion to the Chairman of the GM have been included in the "For" total for the appropriate resolution.  
3.  A "Vote withheld" is not a vote in law and is not counted in the calculation of the percentage of shares voted "For" or "Against" any resolution.  
4.  The number of shares in issue at 6:00 p.m. on 20 January 2022 was 1,248,031,868 (the "Share Capital") and at that time, the Company did not hold any shares in treasury.  

Further details on the Resolutions, and the remaining conditions to Completion, are contained in the Company's AIM Admission Document published on 30 December 2021 ("Admission Document"), which is available on the Company's website.  

Following allotment of the EBT Shares, which is expected later this week, application will be made for the EBT Shares (which consists of 58,066,951 new Ordinary Shares) to be admitted to trading on AIM, which such admission expected to take place on or around 4 February 2022.

Following admission of the EBT Shares, the Company will have 1,306,098,819 Ordinary Shares in issue. The Company does not hold any Ordinary Shares in treasury and accordingly this will be the total number of voting rights in the Company and may be used by Shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or change to their interest in, the Company under the FCA's Disclosure Rules and the Transparency Rules.

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