Iberdrola Expands its Photovoltaic Business to Portugal with the Construction of Four Plants

Source Press Release
Company Iberdrola S.A. 
Tags Renewable Energy, Power, Environment
Date February 09, 2022

•    The four plants will have a combined capacity of 86 MW, the plants are located in the Setúbal district and the installation works will create up to 500 jobs during peak periods.

•    Once in operation they will avoid the emission of 56,000 tonnes of CO2 per year 

Iberdrola continues to make progress with its investment strategy in the Iberian Peninsula, this time in Portugal, where it has begun installing its first photovoltaic plants in the country with 86 MW. 

These are four photovoltaic plants located in the district of Setúbal, south of the Portuguese capital: Algeruz II with an installed capacity of 27.35 MW, Conde (13.51 MW), Alcochete I (32.89 MW) and Alcochete II (12.72 MW). 

The projects are currently under construction and two of them, the Alcochete I and II plants, will be equipped with bifacial technology. Bifacial technology achieves greater efficiency in the plant, as it has two light-sensitive surfaces. That is, electricity is produced from both sides of the panel, because it has a transparent sheet instead of opaque materials. A tracking system allows the modules to move according to the path of the sun, maximising energy harvesting and extending the lifetime of the plant by reducing degradation. In addition, bifacial solar cells reduce the average cost of electricity by 16%.

During the construction works, which are expected to last this year, 500 jobs will be created during peak periods and once operational they will be able to generate enough clean energy to supply more than 48,000 families, thus avoiding the emission of 56,000 tonnes of CO2 per year into the atmosphere.

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