Best in Job Contest Ends in Kyzylorda

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Company KazMunayGas 
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Date October 08, 2022

On 6 October, the Kyzylorda Oblast Musical and Drama Theatre hosted the closing event of the Best in Job Contest among the trade workers of the KazMunayGas Group companies.

119 participants from 17 leading oil and gas companies in Atyrau Oblast, Mangistau Oblast, Aktobe Oblast, Pavlodar Oblast and Shymkent joined the contest in Kyzylorda to compete by their professional skills in the following jobs: oil and gas production operator, well survey operator, commodities operator, reservoir pressure maintenance operator, process equipment repairman, electric and gas welder, electrical fitter, chemical analysis laboratory assistant, process unit operator, compressor unit operator, workover crew, wireline crew.

The Contest included two stages: Stage I – assessment of theoretical knowledge by means of testing, Stage II – demonstration of practical exercises at Akshabulak and Nuraly fields. 

Below listed are the names of Contest winners:

Best Oil and Gas Production Operator

1st place – Muratzhan Tenizbaiev, Karazhanbasmunai JSC

2nd place – Tungyshbai Amankos, Embamunaigas JSC

3rd place – Kuanysh Serikbaiev, Mangistaumunaigas JSC

Best Reservoir Pressure Maintenance Operator

1st place – Murat Baglanov, Kazgermunai JV LLP

2nd place – Ruslan Abdrakhmanov, Embamunaigas JSC

3rd place – Serikbol Aizharykov, Mangistaumunaigas JSC

Best Electric and Gas Welder

1st place – Nurbek Zheksenbaiev, KazTransOil JSC

2nd place – Adilbek Mukhambetkaliyev, Embamunaigas JSC

3rd place – Aidos Abdi, Oil Construction Company LLP

Best Process Equipment Repairman

1st place – Rysbek Sersengaliyev, KazTransOil JSC

2nd place – Abdol Bizhanov, Mangistaumunaigas JSC

3rd place – Aziz Tolybaiev, Karazhanbasmunai JSC

Best Commodities Operator

1st place – Shaiakhmet Zhetkizgen and Kudaibergen Arynov, KazTransOil JSC

2nd place – Venera Mavlaveyeva and Saltanat Ziganshina, Ozenmunaigas JSC

3rd place – Bakytzhan Nuradinov and Ruslan Zakiryaiev, Kazgermunai JV LLP

Best Well Survey Operator

1st place – Abylaikhan Zumagaziyev, Embamunaigas JSC

2nd place – Sergey Rassolenko, Kazgermunai JV LLP

3rd place – Askhat Kaziyev, Mangistaumunaigas JSC

Best Chemical Analysis Laboratory Assistant

1st place – Araigul Kemessai, KazTransOil JSC

2nd place – Kunsulu Kudaibergenova, Ozenmunaigas JSC

3rd place – divided by Laura Muratkyzy, Kazgermunai JV LLP, and Zulfia Zhazykbaieva, CASPI BITUM JV LLP

Best Electrical Fitter

1st place – Syrym Izgaliyev, Karazhanbasmunai JSC

2nd place – Yerzhan Zhussipov, Kazgermunai JV LLP

3rd place – Azat Shyntereyev, Embamunaigas JSC

Best Process Unit Operator

1st place – Rustam Assilov, Kazgermunai JV LLP

2nd place – Berikbolsyn Alibek,  PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP

3rd place – Beksultan Duissengul, Atyrau Refinery LLP

Best Compressor Unit Operator

1st place – Bakbergen Maidabekov, Kazgermunai JV LLP

2nd place – Rinat Bekkairov, Atyrau Refinery LLP

3rd place – Bauyrzhan Iskakov, Pavlodar Refinery LLP

Best Turner

1st place – Nazar Balgabaiev, Karazhanbasmunai JSC

2nd place – Baizhan Daulov, Ozenmunaigas JSC

3rd place – Rakhat Iman, Mangistaumunaigas JSC

Best Workover Crew

1st place – Rassul Amaniyazov, Baltabek Keben, Nurlybek Gabdullin, Agabek Khassymbaiev, Yergeissin Kaipin, Karazhanbasmunai JSC

2nd place – Yesset Tazhmagambetov, Kuanysh Madenov, Berdibek Bissembaiev, Nurzhau Zholdybaiev, Alym Bimagambetov, Ozenmunaigas JSC

3rd place – Amanbek Saparbaiev, Yerkin Seitkaliyev, Abylash Munalbaiev, Yermek Yelubaiev, Zhaiyk Akbolatov, Oil Services Company LLP

Best Wireline Crew

1st place – Alibek Myrzagaliyev, Anes Mukhanbetov, Uteuli Alagezov, Turlan Melekeyev, Embamunaigas JSC

2nd place – Maksat Aidarkhanov, Zulkarnai Myrzabekov, Nurlybek Naukebaiev, Makhset Yesbagambetov, Ozenmunaigas JSC

3rd place – Smadiyar Tuleubaiev, Arman Shupashev, Assylbek Alshynbai, Kuantkan Baikabylov, Karazhanbasmunai JSC

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