Repsol to Develop Renewable Projects in Italy Totaling More Than 1,700 MW

Source Press Release
Company Repsol 
Tags Power, Renewable Energy
Date May 17, 2023
  • The company has a portfolio in the country of 943 MW wind and 825 MW solar projects, of which more than 60% are at an advanced stage of processing.
  • Repsol will soon begin construction of its first two photovoltaic solar plants in Italy, specifically in the Puglia region.
  • Italy is one of the countries in which Repsol has focused its international expansion in renewables.

Repsol will develop renewable projects in Italy totaling 1,768 MW. It has a portfolio in the country that, once fully operational, will add 943 MW of wind and 825 MW of photovoltaic solar projects to the multi-energy company's portfolio of renewable projects. More than 60% of the projects in Italy are at an advanced stage of development.

With the aim of becoming a global player in renewable energy, Italy is one of the countries where Repsol has focused its international expansion as it offers great potential to strengthen the company’s position in markets that are key in Europe.

Repsol already has an office in Milan to manage this portfolio and the possible increase in assets in the country. The acquisition of several projects, together with those acquired through the recent purchase of Asterion Energies in Italy, make up a portfolio located in the regions of Puglia, Lazio, Sardinia, Umbria, Sicily, Basilicata, Molise, and Tuscany.

The company plans to start construction of its first two photovoltaic solar plants in the country in due course. They will have a capacity of 11 MW and will be located in the Puglia region (southern Italy).

International presence in renewables

Repsol's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan envisages reaching 6,000 MW of installed capacity by 2025 and 20,000 MW by 2030. The multi-energy company's current portfolio of installed renewable generation projects totals more than 2,000 MW. In December 2022, Repsol signed the acquisition of Asterion Energies, incorporating a portfolio of renewable assets of 7,700 MW.

Apart from its activity in Spain, where it has 1,600 MW of installed capacity in renewables, including wind, photovoltaic solar, and hydro, Repsol already has 62.5 MW in operation in the United States; 179 MW in Chile, through a joint venture with the Ibereólica Renovables Group; and 3 MW in Portugal, through its participation in the WindFloat Atlantic floating wind farm.

In both the United States and Chile, Repsol has a broad portfolio for developing new projects. In New Mexico, it is building the Jicarilla 1 solar plant, with an installed capacity of 62.5 MW and 20 MW of batterystorage. The company is also building the 637 MW Frye solar project in the state of Texas, which will come into operation in 2024, and has approved the final investment decision for the 629 MW Outpost solar farm.

In Chile, the alliance with Grupo Ibereólica Renovables gives Repsol access to a portfolio of projects in operation, construction, and development of more than 1,600 MW until 2025 and the possibility of more than 2,600 MW in 2030.

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