PetroChina Ranks 2nd on the 2023 Fortune China Top 500 List

Source Press Release
Company PetroChina Company Limited 
Tags Strategy - Corporate
Date July 19, 2023

On July 11, the 2023 Fortune China Top 500 Listed Companies were released. PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina) was the second on the list.

The total revenue of all the 500 listed Chinese companies on the chart was RMB 65.8 trillion, with the total net profits of RMB 4.7 trillion. Total profits of the top 10 companies were more than RMB 2 trillion last year, nearly 43% of the total profits of all companies on the list. PetroChina was one of the two companies with revenue exceeding RMB 3 trillion respectively, and was the sixth on the profit list.

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