CNPC Starts Drilling Shendi Chuanke 1 Well in Sichuan

Source Press Release
Company CNPC 
Tags Exploration, Upstream Activities
Date July 28, 2023

On July 20, CNPC started drilling the Shendi Chuanke 1 Well in the Sichuan Basin. It is the second over 10,000-meter-deep borehole in China after the Shendi Take 1 Well in the Tarim Basin in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Located in the Jiange Buried Structure in the northwest of the Sichuan Basin, the well has a ground elevation of 717 meters, a designed depth of 10,520 meters, a maximum bottom hole temperature (BHT) of up to 224℃ and a maximum bottom hole pressure (BHP) of up to 138 MPa. The automated drilling rig, independently developed by China, is capable of reaching a depth of 12,000 meters. Over 90% of the equipment used in the drilling is domestically manufactured.

The exploration through this well will reveal the mystery of evolution under the Sinian formation, and is of great significance in discovering ultra-deep oil and gas resources, forming China's ultra-deep hydrocarbon reservoir theory, and enhancing China's capability of core technology and equipment in oil and gas engineering.

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