LNG Vessel Power Outage

Source Company Press Release
Company Origin Energy Limited, ConocoPhillips
Tags Corporate: Overview/Strategy, Country: Australia, Segment: LNG
Date November 28, 2023

Origin Energy Limited (Origin) advises that a loaded LNG vessel docked at the Australia Pacific LNG facility on Curtis Island has lost power and is currently unable to leave the terminal.

Downstream operator of Australia Pacific LNG, ConocoPhillips, is working with all parties concerned, including the relevant maritime regulator and port authority, to resolve the situation. 

Origin, as upstream operator, has commenced turning down production to reduce the flow of gas to the LNG facility. In addition, Origin is taking steps to bank its non-operated portfolio production and execute additional domestic gas sales.

Only one LNG vessel is able to dock at the LNG facility at a time. As a result, no other cargoes can be loaded until the situation is resolved. Two cargoes have already been deferred out of the FY2024 delivery schedule. It is expected that more LNG cargos will be deferred, with Australia Pacific LNG ordinarily loading a LNG vessel for export approximately every three days. The total number of cargoes to be deferred will depend on the timeframe for resolution.

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