Norwegian Petroleum Directorate Changes Name to the Norwegian Offshore Directorate

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Company Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Tags Corporate: Overview/Strategy, Country: Norway
Date January 02, 2024

We have a new name! On 1 January 2024, we changed our name from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate to the Norwegian Offshore Directorate.

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate's primary objective is to contribute to the greatest possible values for society from the oil and gas activities through efficient and prudent resource management, where due consideration is given to health, the environment, safety, as well as other users of the ocean.

The name change reflects that the Directorate has been tasked with additional responsibilities in recent years associated with CO2 storage (CCS), offshore wind and seabed minerals.

New website address

The name and domains will be updated gradually. The website will change from to Our e-mail-addresses have been changed from to E-mails sent to old addresses will be automatically forwarded to new addresses during a transitional period.
Regulations and agreements will be continued.

Due to the need to transition IT systems in connection with the name change, the Norwegian Offshore Directorate's services may be unstable or down for brief periods of time. We are working to fix this as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions in connection with the name change, you can contact your normal contact person in the Norwegian Offshore Directorate, or you can send an inquiry to [email protected].

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