Information on the Purchase of Treasury Shares

Source Company Press Release
Company ERG S.p.A.
Tags Corporate: Overview/Strategy, Country: Spain
Date January 15, 2024

ERG S.p.A., on the basis of the information provided by the intermediary entrusted with the execution of the purchases, announces that it has purchased on the Euronext Milan market, within the scope of the authorisation to purchase treasury shares resolved by the Shareholders' Meeting and the Board of Directors of ERG S.p.A. on 26 April 2023 and 12 October 2023 respectively (already disclosed to the market with the press releases issued on the same date), in the period from 8 to 12 January 2024, no. 79,000 ordinary shares (equal to 0.0526% of  ERG S.p.A.'s share capital) at a weighted average price of Euro 27.4140, for a total countervalue of Euro 2,165,703.80.

Purchasing transactions, on a daily basis, are shown below in aggregate form and, in an annex, in detail:

Date  Quantity  Weighted average price  Countervalue 
08/01/2024  15,000  €27.5768  €413,652.00 
09/01/2024  10,000  €27.5636  €275,636.00 
10/01/2024  12,000  €27.5631  €330,757.20 
11/01/2024  12,000  €27.4358  €329,229.60 
12/01/2024  30,000  €27.2143  €816,429.00 
Total  79,000  €27.4140  €2,165,703.80 

As a result of the aforementioned transactions, as of 12 January 2024, no. 2,543,280 ordinary shares have been purchased at a weighted average price of Euro 25.5983 per share since the start of program. Considering the shares already in its portfolio before the start of the program, ERG S.p.A. holds 3,325,360 treasury shares, equal to 2.2122% of the related share capital.

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