Pertamina and Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (tpdc) Forge a Strategic Partnership in Human Resources Developmen

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Company Pertamina, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation
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Date January 12, 2024

PT Internasional Eksplorasi dan Produksi (PIEP), as the International Regional Subholding Upstream of Pertamina, organized a Pre Capacity Building and Capacity Building for Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) employees, along with  Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) and  Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia (PDSI). The event was officially opened on Tuesday (9/1).

The Pre Capacity Building activity was inaugurated by the President Director of PIEP, Jaffee A. Suardin, along with the Director of Operations of PDSI, Fata Yunus, Director of Exploration of TPDC, Kenneth M. Mutaonga, witnessed by the Director of Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Dewi J. Meidiwaty, and the Tanzanian Ambassador to Indonesia, Macocha M. Tembele.

In this Pre Capacity Building activity, five Tanzanian workers received induction for upskilling human resource capacities, which will be conducted from the middle of January to April, along with an introduction to Indonesian culture.

The participants represent the first batch of the upskilling program, with a total of 100 participants scheduled to come to Indonesia in several batches.

The Capacity Building program is designed specifically for TPDC employees to acquire new skill sets, especially in the exploration and hydrocarbon sectors, aiming to transform them into a world-class energy company.

Jaffee A. Suardin, the President Director of PIEP, stated, "The agenda of Pre Capacity Building and Capacity Building is prepared with the fundamental spirit of friendship and bilateral cooperation between the two countries. With these values, we believe that if the companies engage in future commercial collaborations, it will be sustainable and provide positive added value for both countries."

Meanwhile, Kenneth M. Mutaonga, the Director of Exploration of TPDC, who attended the event with the participants, expressed appreciation for the initiative. He said, "We appreciate this activity, Pertamina has welcomed us and prepared this Capacity Building agenda. I am confident that  Pertamina, with its vast organization, is an inspiration for TPDC. Capacity Building is a good start to realize the MoU between Pertamina and TPDC."

Dewi J. Meidiwaty, Director of Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also affirmed the established cooperation. She conveyed that this positive collaboration is an essential partnership in building synergy between two countries with significant potential in the energy sector, starting with knowledge transfer for human resource upskilling.

Both, along with Tanzanian Ambassador to Indonesia, Macocha Tembele, mentioned that this year marks the 60th anniversary of bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Tanzania, initiated since 1964.

The learning process will involve various methods, including classroom sessions and mentoring. To enhance the implementation process before TPDC workers return to Tanzania, participants will gain direct experience through on-the-job training programs at Pertamina, involving several business units in the PHR Working Area and at the Indonesia Drilling Training Center of PDSI.

Fadjar Djoko Santoso, Vice President of Corporate Communication of Pertamina, welcomed the collaboration, saying, "This capacity-building collaboration is a follow-up to the MoU between the President Director of Pertamina and TPDC some time ago in Tanzania. This proves that  Pertamina workers’ quality and competence are globally recognized. This collaboration also aims to enhance the cooperation between the two countries in improving the competence and quality of human resources on both sides."

The Capacity Building agenda will last for three months. This activity is an effort to support the global initiatives undertaken by Pertamina and TPDC, following the signing of the MoU on August 22, 2023, regarding strategic cooperation in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors. Besides human resource capacity building in exploration and hydrocarbons, the MoU also covers collaboration in exploring areas with potential and benefits for investment in Tanzania, including upstream opportunities, downstream oil and gas investment opportunities, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations, supply to Mini Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), and other agreed-upon areas between  Pertamina and TPDC."

By fostering the collaboration, our goal is to promote sustainable practices, technological advancement, and skill development to drive the energy industries of Indonesia and Tanzania forward. PIEP believes that its global footprint in Africa can play a significant role in supporting our mission to develop the potential of oil and other energy sources abroad, based on clear commercial principles to support national energy resilience," concluded Jaffee.

Pertamina, as a leading company in the energy transition, is committed to supporting the Net Zero Emission 2060 target by continuously promoting programs that directly impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) achievement. All these efforts align with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) implementation across all Pertamina's business lines and operations.

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