Jun. 00 - Balongan Refinery Shutdown Provokes Fuel Shortages

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Company Pertamina 
Tags Refining & Marketing Activities
Date June 22, 2000

Beginning 22 June 2000, Pertaminashut down the 125,000 barrels-per-day (b/d) capacity Balonganrefineryfor regular maintenance, including inspection and repairs. The refinery was shut down for about 70 days for maintenance last year. The refinery, which processes primarily Indonesia’s medium-heavy Minas and Duri crudes, is configured to produce mainly gasoline. The Minister of Mines and Energy announced that the shutdown, combined with an international shortage of imported high octane mogas component (HOMC), led to interruptions in distribution of gasoline, particularly for Java and Bali. The result was long lines at gas pumps in June 2000. The situation was aggravated by panic buying precipitated by media reports of gasoline shortages and Pertamina’s policy decision to reduce its fuel reserves to 23 days from a previous level of 34 days’ supply. The fuel shortage problem was resolved with the emergency import of additional fuel from Malaysia, Singapore and China and the July 25 resumption of Balongan refinery operations.

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