May 04 - EniPower’s new combined-cycle power plant in Ferrera Erbognone

Source Press Release
Company ENI S.p.A. 
Tags Power
Date May 14, 2004

The EniPower‘s combined-cycle thermoelectric power plant was inaugurated in Ferrera Erbognone, near Pavia. This is the first plant built in Italy after the opening of the Italian electric market. The COO of Eni’s Gas & Power Division Mr Luciano Sgubini and the EniPower’s Chairman Mr Giovanni Locanto have shown the innovative plant to Authorities and representatives of the industrial world.

The cutting-edge solutions used, result of the projectile competencies of Snamprogetti, Eni’s subsidiary, enabled to build a plant with reduced environmental impact and high efficiency. Furthermore, it will contribute to enhance the Italian productive system and to meet the growing demand of electricity of the Country. The power plant has a capacity of above 1,000 megaWatt and will produce about 8 billion kiloWatt per year, 1 billion of which as steam for industrial use. 

 The plant will be mainly fed by natural gas, but it will also use the refinery gas produced in the nearby plant of the Eni’s Refining & Marketing Division, thus reducing by 20,000 the number of trucks circulating each year for the oil transport. The investment required for the power plant construction has been 550 million euro plus 170 million euro for the fuel oil gasification plant that is being built in the adjoining refinery.  

 EniPower has been constituted in 1999 to use the Eni’s gas that can’t be commercialised in Italy, due to the limits fixed by the Regulator for the opening of the gas market. The Regulation Authority provides for limits both in terms of market share (50%) and in terms of amounts to be put in the network (at present 71%).  

 The Business Plan target is to reach 5,000-6,000 MW of installed power by 2006 with 2.3 billion euro of overall investment. At present, the EniPower’s installed power on the market is 1,800 megaWatt. All the Eni’s productive base will be leveraging on a very competitive cost framework, related to the construction of the plants in its own industrial sites and the high efficiency of the cogeneration combined cycle fed by natural gas (55-57% against 38% of the traditional plants).

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