Mar 05 - Utilizing Unstable Condensate: Pertamina Introduces more Economical Alternative Fuel

Source Press Release
Company Pertamina 
Tags Refining & Marketing Activities
Date March 24, 2005

PT Pertamina introduces Gasified Petroleum Condensate (GPC), a new fuel prototype. GPC was resulted by processing unstable condensate of oil well. This environmentally friendly, clean, practical, and economic product is expected to provide alternative to kerosene which can be used by home or industry especially those located close to oil fields.

GPC has been developed by Pertamina’s refinery research and laboratory in cooperation to Pertamina Sumbagsel (Southern Sumatera) Upstream Operation Area for the last two years. Condensate produced by oil well is derived from condensation process of hydrocarbon. It contains unstable condensate easily evaporated up to 10 percent. By this utilization process,  Pertamina creates added value by reducing condensate loses also increasing refinery performance.

Compare to kerosene, GPC would be more economical since its burning calorie reaches 12,000 calorie/gram while kerosene’s was 9,900 calorie/gram. Stored in three-kilogram bottles, GPC is expected to reduce the dependency on kerosene. GPC will be practical for the use of home and industry in remote areas with kerosene shortage located close to oil fields since GPC can be obtained from those oil wells.

For the first phase, Pertamina will produce 1,370 tons of GPC per month utilizing 300 barrels per day of condensate produced in  Pertamina Sumbagsel Upstream Operation Area.

The introduction of this fuel prototype was a part of Pertamina’s effort in facing a more competitive and challenging era. One of the Pertamina’s challenges was to provide economic fuel for the people and to create added value for the company.

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