Apr 05 - Fuel Supply in Nias Secured

Source Press Release
Company Pertamina 
Tags Refining & Marketing Activities
Date April 01, 2005

PT Pertamina (Persero) maintains the fuel supply in west coast of Sumatera after the earth quake of 8.7 Richter scale on March 28. On Thursday (31/3)  Pertamina shipped 128 drums of fuel consists of 50 drums kerosene, 50 drums gasoline and 28 drums HSD from Sibolga Depot in order to maintain the fuel supply for 23 days or at 2,800 KL.  Pertamina also sent the fuel using 3 road tanks of 16 KL capacity. Each of which contains Gasoline, HSD and Kerosene to be delivered to Gunung Sitoli Peer.

Fuel distribution in Nias was optimized through 1 gas station, 3 Gasoline and HSD agents, and 4 kerosene agents. Pertamina sent 1 generator of 30 KVA capacities along with its technician so that the gas station could be run optimally.

To meet the demand of avtur in Sibolga Airport, a refueller of 7 KL and a bridger road tank of 10 KL have been sent on March 30, 2005. Avtur available after the earthquake in Aceh and Nias reached 7,000 liters. 150 drums of avtur will be delivered periodically by bridger road tanks depend on the demand in Sibolga.

At the moment, Gunung Sitoli depot is still in reconstruction. The earthquake has caused the filling shed and product pump failed to operate that the distribution of the fuel was hampered.

Other damages occurred on the road from depot to Gunung Sitoli city. Some bridges were broken that road tanks containing the fuel could not pass through. The damages in Gunung Sitoli Depot’s facilities including the drawn of jetty head, breasting dolphin, mooring post, and shelter; discharge pipe on the trestle fell to the sea; and discharge pipe for products was broken.

Sibolga depot after the earthquake could be maintained and operated. Fuel stock pile at Sibolga depot up to 28/3 was at a safe level to fulfill the fuel demand in Sibolga also in Nias.

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