Mar 06 - Idemitsu Acquires Patent for Dopants for High-performance Red OLED

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Company Idemitsu 
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Date March 22, 2006

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. has announced that it has acquired a patent related to the manufacture and sale of high-performance red electroluminescent (EL) materials from Avago Technologies, Pte. Ltd. and The University of Texas at Austin (U.S.A.). The patent was granted on March 6.

In a related development also announced today, Idemitsu, through an ongoing collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI), has successfully developed world-class, high-performance red organic light-emitting diode (OLED) materials, enabling the sale and manufacture of these materials outside the U.S.

The acquisition of a patent in the U.S., which includes manufacturing and selling rights, has also now made it possible to sell these products on a global basis.

OLED materials emit light when host and dopant materials are combined. Avago Technologies and The University of Texas at Austin own elemental patents for high-performance dopants for red light. By using these dopants, MCI and Idemitsu succeeded in developing materials with superior performance that could not be realized using fluorescent red EL materials. Following this achievement,  Idemitsu conducted negotiations for patent licensing.

Idemitsu already sells and manufactures world-leading green and blue OLED materials. The addition of red OLED materials will position  Idemitsu as an industry leader with a line-up encompassing all three primary colours.

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