Jun 06 - Khursaniyah Contract Marks Key Change

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Company Saudi Aramco 
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Date June 26, 2006

Never far from the spotlight, the Khursaniyah Producing Facility and Utility Project (KPFU) hit another milestone recently when Saudi Aramco signed a lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) contract with Snamprogetti of Italy.

That marks KPFU's first conversion from a cost reimbursable (CR) to an LSTK contract. The drive behind the strategy was the demanding schedule that required the project to be completed by year-end 2007.

The project gained a head start with detail design and procurement activities that allowed construction to start early last September, just six months after the contract was awarded.

KPFU will receive feeds from three production fields for a total of 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian Light blend before sending it to Ju'aymah Terminal.

The processing of the crude from these fields will yield 300 million standard cubic feet per day (scfd) of associated sour gas and 15,000 bpd of hydrocarbon condensate, which will be sent over to the neighboring Khursaniyah Gas Plant for further processing. In order to support the forecasted production rates, the program will install a 1.1 million bpd water injection facility, shared common utilities and a 300 megawatt cogeneration plant.

Overall, the Khursaniyah Program encompasses more than 140 oil and water wells; more than 500 kilometers of major gas, oil and water pipelines to and from the plants; more than 250 km of flow lines; 300 km of 13.8-kilovolt electric power lines; cathodic protection systems; and temporary and permanent communication systems for voice and data transmission.

The area being developed is about 6.5 km by 7 km. Eight construction contractors and six engineering services contractors are at work on the program.

Another converted LSTK package covering the Khursaniyah Gas Plant is in the preparation stages for the conversion process as well. With the award of the contract, the team has seen the fruits of its labor and is looking forward to pushing the project through to completion - a world-class facility that will help meet the energy demands of the Kingdom and the world.

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