Apr 08 - Progress on Kerosene to LPG Conversion in DKI Jakarta

Source Press Release
Company Pertamina 
Tags Refining & Marketing Activities
Date April 30, 2008

A government program to convert the usage of kerosene to elpiji 3 Kg continues.

For DKI Jakarta, the distribution of elpiji packages has been completed in the fourth week of April 2008. In all, there are 1,916,009 families which have received the packages. As of April 29, 2008, the packages have also been distributed to 147,532 micro industries in DKI Jakarta and distribution continues.

Nationally, there have been 6.6 million packages distributed to families and micro industries.

Kerosene has gradually ceased to be distributed in DKI Jakarta since August 2007. Kerosene allocation currently has only reached 165 KL/day or about 5% of previous consumption in DKI Jakarta before the conversion.

In case public still needs kerosene, Pertamina still provides it in the packages of 5 liters in gas stations in Jakarta and soon in the other distribution channels.  

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