Aug 09 - Redback South 1 Gas Exploration Well, Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia

Source Press Release
Company AWE Limited 
Tags Upstream Activities
Date August 27, 2009

Progress and Status:

Origin Energy, on behalf of the L11 Joint Venture parties, advises that the Weatherford drilling rig 826 is currently drilling the Redback South 1 exploration well. This well is being drilled as a sidetrack from the Redback 1 wellbore. Drilling in the sidetrack hole commenced on 25 August at a depth of 2007mMD.

At 0600 hours Western Standard Time today, the borehole had reached 2438mMD and drilling was progressing.

Well type and location:

Gas exploration well, Redback South prospect, North Perth Basin, Western Australia (L11 / EP 320).

Redback South 1 is being drilled as a directional well to intersect the reservoir interval approximately 570 metres SSE of the Redback 1 location at a vertical depth of 3,685 metres sub-sea. The major fault compartment being targeted by this well is on the downthrown side of a fault immediately south of the Redback 1 well, with closure independent of the Redback 1 structure.

Surface location

Latitude: 29o 27’ 28.05” S
Longitude: 115o 09’ 43.51” E

Target location

Latitude: 29o 27’ 43.218” S
Longitude: 115o 09’ 50.219” E

Initial Interests:

Origin Energy Developments Pty Limited* 67.00%
ARC (Beharra Springs) Pty Ltd** 33.00%

* a wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited
** a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Worldwide Exploration

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