Jan 10 - AWE’s Rockhopper-1/ST drilling update

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Company AWE Limited 
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Date January 21, 2010

The Operator of the Rockhopper-1/ST exploration well has issued a drilling update.

Rockhopper 1 and Rockhopper 1/ST 1 Exploration Well Update, Bass Basin, Tasmania Progress and Status:

Origin Energy, on behalf of the T/18P Joint Venture, advises that as at 06:00 hours EDT on Thursday 21 January 2010 the current operation at Rockhopper 1/ST 1 is drilling 8 ½” hole at a depth of 2,106m. So far 136m of the sidetrack has been drilled.

Repairs to the cranes on the Kan Tan IV drilling rig were completed at 17:30 on 19 January 2010 at which time operations on the Rockhopper 1/ST 1 well commenced. The side track is designed to appraise the oil and gas zones discovered in the Rockhopper 1 well and is being drilled to intersect the main reservoir sections approximately 1.3km south and down dip from their penetration in Rockhopper 1. This will allow the volume of oil and gas discovered in the Rockhopper structure to be fully evaluated.

It is anticipated that from today the sidetrack will take approximately 1 week to reach the primary reservoir section and a further 2 weeks to complete data acquisition and plugging and abandoning operations. As planned, the sidetrack and the original Rockhopper 1 well will be plugged and abandoned.

Well type and location: Rockhopper 1 is an exploration well located in exploration permit T/18P, operated by Origin some 38km west of the Yolla gas field and approximately 10km north-north-east of Trefoil 1. Rockhopper 1 and Rockhopper 1/ST1 are deviated wells drilled from the same surface location at:

Latitude: 39° 47’ 34.1828” S
Longitude: 145° 26’ 21.4660” E

T/18P Participating Interests:

Origin Energy Resources Ltd * 39.0% (Operator)

AWE Ltd 47.5%

 CalEnergy Gas (Australia) Ltd 8.5%

Innamincka Petroleum Ltd 5.0% * a wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited

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