Jun 10 - INA, MOL Discover Gas on Croatian-Hungarian Border

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Company MOL GroupINA Group 
Tags Upstream Activities, LNG & Gas Storage/Processing
Date June 23, 2010

(By INA-Industrija Nafte) 

Joint exploration project on the Croatian-Hungarian border resulted in a discovery of gas and condensate potentials on the Zalata-Dravica field on the Croatian side of the Podravska Slatina-Zalata contract area.

Exploration of Drava basin as a joint project of INA and MOL was initiated in 2006 with signing of the contract in Zalaegerszeg. INA and MOL, as equal partners in the project, share the costs and the production 50: 50.

In 2007 gas and condensate field was discovered with the first exploration well Zalata-1 where the significant oil and gas reserves were discovered on the Hungarian side of the border.

At the end of 2008 Dravica-1 exploration well was completed on the Croatian side of the contract area, and in April 2010 the work-over testing started. Measurements at the depth of 3,170 meters indicated gas flow of 370,000m3/day and some condensate. The testing confirmed commercial gas reserves in the Croatian part of the exploration field. More precise appraisal of the new reservoir will follow after the interpretation of data from 3D surveys and the completion of the reservoir study. In the following period both partners will focus on the development of the discovered field to enable putting it on stream and connecting to the gas infrastructure system.

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